Join Dr. Charley Ferrer and our various contributors for articles on sex, relationships, alternative lifestyles, Dominance and submission, and more.


7-Easy Steps to Achieve Mind Blowing Orgasms

BDSM Relationships

BDSM Protocols — The importance of protocols (Part I)

BDSM Protocols — Connecting the Dots (Part II)

Choosing the right Dominant

Communicating your desires

Dating Tips

Dating in the New Millennium

Divorce: A new path

Embarrassed to buy condoms?

Evolution of a lover

Feeling Sexually Inadequate? Don’t blame yourself.

Getting Started in Dominance and submission

How does diabetes affect your sex life?

Kinky Scale

Love & Money

Making Lovemaking Fun

Sex after prostate cancer

Sharing your naughty thoughts

Smoking causes Impotency

The Effects of Drinking on your Libido

The “RIGHT NOW” love affair!


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