Someone to Listen

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Domme says…

Do you need someone to LISTEN? Someone who understands the Dominance and submission lifestyle and will not judge?

We have individuals on our staff who are trained and understand the complexities of the BDSM lifestyle and are willing to LISTEN to you share.

Or perhaps you just need someone to speak with to help you get clarity on a situation or miss having a friend to talk to.

This is a place where you can share your thoughts and talk to a new friend.


This is NOT therapy. This is merely a time when you can share a secret or talk to someone about life just as you would a friend. Nor is it a sex chat call line! That’s not what we’re about. Call elsewhere if that’s what you want you’re looking for. Inappropriate calls about sex will be terminated with
No refunds!

Talk for 30-minutes at a time. Appointments scheduled for a mutually convenient time.

Our staff is here to listen to you share about your day, your life, your struggles with BDSM or desire to step into the lifestyle, just like a good-friend.


Schedule your Friendship call today!

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