Mentorship Opportunities

It’s not always about having problems. Sometimes you merely desire to learn new ways to embrace your life, your happiness, and your orgasmic potential.

Do you yearn to…

* To become the best lover possible?

* Do you long to share and explore the various levels of intimacy, sex and pleasure in your relationships?

* Are you seeking new ways to reclaim your sensual and sexual divinity?

* Are you tired of feeling inadequate and lack of libido?

* Do you search for a new path to self-enlightenment and self actualization?

As you’ve learned, going it alone hasn’t been as fulfilling as you’d hoped. Contact Dr. Charley Ferrer to learn the benefits she can provide and turn your love life around. Whether you desire to improve your love life, explore your adventurous side, want to dabble in more erotic and edgy pursuits such as Dominance and submission, Doctor Charley is your guide to blissful success. You are not alone!

Make an appointment NOW for a FREE 15-minute Consultation. 

Doctor Charley is not your typical “cookie cutter” Mentor nor Sex Therapist. She is an Intuitive Healer, and world renowned Clinical Sexologist who uses her vast experience, knowledge, and wisdom to ensure her Mentees (that’s you) achieve their highest potential. Through exercises, self-exploration assignments, discussions, and one-on-one talk sessions, Doctor Charley lights the path to your sensual fulfillment.

Mentorships require a six to twelve months commitment.

Only serious clients accepted!

Contact Doctor Charley for a 15-minute FREE consultation to determine if this unique Mentorship is right for you.

Doctor Charley also works with the following professions to assist them in achieving their goals.

Authors, Editors & Publishers 
Private instruction is available for those who wish a more personal touch with their stories and creativity outlook. Doctor Charley is your Personal BDSM Mentor providing insight into character and scene development, psychological make-up, emotional accuracy and more. Choose from individual hourly consultations to complete book projects. Doctor Charley works closely with each author to develop your characters, scenes, and story ideas to ensure they are realistic and have depth. We’ll also address behavioral motivations and psychological make-up of your characters which are designed to assist you in moving your story forward or take it into another direction that works even better for you. Doctor Charley has over 15-years of actual experience in the BDSM lifestyle and provides information every author should know to create stories your readers will come crave.

Physicians, Mental Health workers & Law Enforcement
Learn what is necessary to ensure you can treat your patients, consumers, clients, and those you serve by understanding the nuances of their lifestyle. Learn to differentiate between Dominance and submission and domestic violence. Mentorships for Therapist and social workers provided. If you are looking at a career in social work or public service, learn what’s necessary to have an understanding your colleagues may not and ensure you get the job done.




Dr. Charley Ferrer is a world renowned Clinical Sexologist and America’s BDSM Expert. Her candid charismatic approach to dealing with difficult situations creates a comforting environment where you can share your burdens and discover innovative solutions.



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