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Are you struggling with:

Problems during intercourse? Inability to reach orgasm? A sexless marriage?

Poor sexual self-esteem? Sexual dysfunctions? Sexual desires and needs?

Feeling comfortable with yourself and your sexual desires are paramount to your sense of self, happiness, and well-being. America’s Intimacy and Sex Expert, Dr. Charley Ferrer offers practical solutions and proven advices to help you overcome and resolve your sexual and relationship difficulties.

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Dr. Charley Ferrer is a world renowned Clinical Sexologist and Sex Expert. Her candid charismatic approach to dealing with difficult situations creates a comforting environment where you can share your burdens and discover innovative solutions.

Doctor Charley is not your typical “cookie cutter” therapist. She is an Intuitive Healer who believes therapy falls short of it’s goal if you do not provide the guidance and Mentorship men and women need to overcome the hurdles they struggle with.

Whether you wish to discuss difficulties with life in general, address sexual and relationship conflicts, or wish to explore your desires and curiosities in more adventurous sensual pursuits such as Dominance and submission, Doctor Charley will light the way and help you along your path.

Contact Doctor Charley to schedule a Telephone Consultation NOW. Services are offered through Skype & Phone for individuals who live outside the New York City area or find it difficult to reach our office during the day. This service provides you a little more control over your time management and eliminates wasted time on travel. Due to Dr. Charley’s travel schedule, in-person appointments a very limited.

Confidentiality is strictly observed!

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