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Newly released on January 13, 2013

 I will admit I didn’t know what to expect when I won an e-copy of this book but once again Dr. Ferrer has take me by suprize and filled all of my expectations. Where was this book when I was young and exploring my sexuality? Dr.Ferrer takes the reader by the hand and explains not only the simple truths about the human body but what is acceptable and not acceptable practices within our society without being influenced by the over protecting mother who says things like, “don’t touch it – it’s nasty!” No longer will young women be embarrased or naive if they pick up a copy of this manual which I believe is a must read for all women (and men) who are exploring their sexual practices and or preference regardless of age of experimentation. Yes, this book contains adult content but there are those who explore their sexuality long before 21. (By the time I was 21, I had three children and had never had an orgasm – perhaps now you can see why I highly recommend this book.)



Dr. Charley Ferrer’s wonderful book, Sex Unlimited, encourages us to explore and embrace our bodies, just as they are, in all their glory.ncluded is one of the most practical systems of dating I’ve ever read. By calling out the traits of “frogs,” as she names them, she helps us see we don’t need to waste time with those who will never value us for the glorious, sexual beings we are.Her section on erotic pleasures is frank and encompassing. You may find yourself squirming if you’ve never considered some of the sexual pleasures she describes, but you’ll never be ignorant again! She talks about becoming a Sensual Scientist and describes how to become more aware of your inner seductress and more mindful of how you are treating both yourself and him. I kissed my husband with these techniques in mind and boy did I get a reaction!I encourage you to pick up this book and sample its delights. Your relationships will never be the same!


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