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Today I’d like to welcome Dr. Charley Ferrer to Silken Sheets. Pull up a comfy seat while we get settled. Everyone ready? Here we go!

1) So, you’re a clinical sexologist? How did you end up doing that for a living?

While working on my Masters I discovered that most therapists were just as uncomfortable talking about sex as the average person. Unfortunately, therapists and other medical professionals are the ones you go to for assistance when things go wrong in your sex life.

Another little known fact is that therapists and Sex Therapist or Clinical Sexologist are not educated the same. Therapists receive one or two courses on sex education, which are elective courses, and deal with “relationship” issues not sexual issues or sexual dysfunctions or sexual identity difficulties. Whereas a Sex Therapist and Clinical Sexologist, spends over a year or two specializing in education on various aspects of sexuality, sexual dysfunction, and sex education.

I received my Doctorate in Human Sexuality. Even now, I continue to learn more about sex. The plethora of information out there is amazing. That’s why I always laugh when someone, typically a man, tells me, “they know all they need to know” or that “no body’s complained yet.” That’s one lover to stay away from. For those individuals I enroll them in my 365 Days of Love & Sex Tips daily email program to help them learn all the things they didn’t even know were possible.

2) I know you are hosting the first BDSM Writers Con this year. Can you tell us a little about the con?

BDSM Writers Con actually evolved from the 3-Day BDSM Intensive Workshop I have conducted for the past three year. Though the name is a little misleading, it is actually for everyone interested in writing about or exploring the world of Dominance and submission.

BDSM Writers Con is the first conference specifically geared toward writers and readers of Dominance & submission. It is our mission to provide participants with valuable information on this highly erotic and often misrepresented lifestyle.

BDSM Writers Conis specifically created to be a both an introduction into the world of Dominance and submission, as well as a place where authors can continue to gain knowledge about the intricacies of this lifestyle and readers can assuage their curiosity in a safe comfortable setting. And of course, spending time with your favorite D/s author or making new ones is always an added bonus!

Currently we have 30 featured authors attending, four of whom are NY Times or USA Today Best Selling authors. Among them are Desiree Holt, Eden Bradley, Kallypso Masters, Cris Anson. I’m honored to say that for our inaugural event, Joey W. Hill has agreed to be our Keynote Speaker and will be conducting several workshops including a Kinky Confessional with the help of several other authors. And the prizes they’re giving away…well, I won’t spoil it for you but let’s just say, if you win I might just have to trip you as you walk out the door and grab your prize and run.

3) I understand the con isn’t just for writers. What will be offered to readers of BDSM fiction?

There are two tracks available with over thirty workshops to choose from. Track One is perfect for everyone and has twenty workshops, ten of which have a live demonstration of various aspects and interactions of BDSM such as spanking, flogging, knife play and more. Track Two is geared toward the needs of writers; however, readers are welcomed and encouraged to attend as many authors are sharing their own experience in the lifestyle along with valuable tips on writing and publishing in this genre.

On top of the workshops, we’re hosting several Reader & Author Mix and Mingles, intimate lunches with various authors, and more. No BDSM Writers Con is completed without our infamous night at a BDSM Club Night. This year, our night out at a Private BDSM Club Night will be hosted by New York Fetish Tribe. There’s also a BDSM Book Contest celebration. And we close the conference with a fabulous Book Signing on Sunday which is open to the public.

And let’s not forget the amazing swag and goodies participants will receive for attending. Some special gives are being provided by Victor Tella from Quality Whips and Dungeon Delights.

4) What are you most excited about in relation to the Con?

Aside from Joey W. Hill being our Keynote Speaker…gawd, I just love her…and all the other cool stuff we have planned, I’m really psyched about our first annual BDSM Book Contest.

We’ve teamed up with three amazing publishers: Decadent Publishing, Totally Bound, and The Wild Ross Press, who are offering our 1st, 2nd and 3Rd place winners an actual book contract. Can you believe it? An actual, sign on the dotted line book contract! I cried when I learned we have more than nine contracts to give away. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone who’s interested in being published in the BDSM genre to submit their manuscript. Full novels, novellas even the little Quickies are being accepted. Submission is open till May 31. Best of all, it’s FREE and pain less to submit your manuscript. Promise! You only get a spanking if you win. smiles.

5) Do you have any favorite BDSM romance authors you can recommend?

My number one all-time favorite author is Joey W. Hill. She weaves these amazing stories and her portrayal of D/s is both accurate and respectful. Desiree Holt is hot.,.hot..,steamy hot! Miranda Baker, I’ve recently discovered. Kathy Kulig is a delicious treat. And Cris Anson has shown a dedication to her pursuit of BDSM knowledge so she can portray her characters in an accurate light is inspiring. Plus, she dedicated her lasted book, No Patience, to me. Never had a book dedicated to me before. I was so honored by it her sweet gesture. You can meet all these authors and more at BDSM Writers Con. I can’t wait to get an autograph from them.

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