A new twist to an old exercise

Kegels have been around for years; since our mothers and grandmothers. Should Kegels be replaced with a new more modern  exercise? If so, what?

It’s not that the Kegel exercises need to be replaced with a different one, but rather alternating how you exercise the PC muscles to enhance your orgasmic potential and make Kegels more fun to do. As with any other exercise which need an occasional tweak and modification to keep them from getting boring, below are a few alternatives to tease you into faithfully performing (and enjoying) your exercises.

Alternative one:
Instead of merely tightening your PC (pubocoxygeal muscles) for a count of four then releasing for four and repeating eight times as you work on doing three sets of eight repetitions, laying in bed or waiting for the traffic light to change, enjoy them with your partner. Implement this decadently naughty alternative for more pleasure during foreplay:

During foreplay, have your partner can use his fingers for penetration. As his fingers explore and tease your sensitive muscles and stimulates your G-spot, tighten your PC muscles around his fingers. Let him feel how you tighten around his digits and imagine other parts of himself you can grip just as sensually tight. He can scissor his fingers, (opening and closing creating tension and help you strengthen your PC muscles) for an added thrill which will heighten your pleasure.

Alternative two:
Take it up a notch. Have your lover use his cock as the object you tighten around. Tighten your PC muscles, hold him inside you as he slides slowly in and out. Don’t worry if this is a little difficult at first, with practice you’ll being a sensual expert. Warning, this variation may lead to mind blowing orgasms for you both.

Share your own version of this exercise with us.


Dr. Charley Ferrer is a world renowned Sex Therapist and Sex advocate. She conducts workshops throughout the US and aboard on sexual empowerment and alternative lifestyles. She’s known as America’s BDSM Expert. She is the award winning author of Sex Unlimited and thirteen other books on sexual pleasure. www.doorchacom


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