Smoking causes Impotency

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Translation: Smoking causes impotency in men

While traveling in Venezuela I am across this back of cigarettes and laughed when I read the label. Now if only the US would put such warnings on their labels maybe more men would take heed and not develop this issue.


There is no denying that smoking has a considerably greater effect on a person’s body than alcohol. Smoking and the medical conditions that it can lead to are one of the major causes of premature death worldwide. Where sex is concerned, smoking has a direct impact on libido, or more specifically sexual arousal.


Although this figure has dropped in recent times, an estimated 24 percent of all men worldwide smoke, despite the obvious health concerns linked to tobacco use. Recent research has shown that men who smoke an average of 20 cigarettes per day are at a 60 percent higher risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction. Tobacco smoke harms the body by causing blood vessels and arteries to contract, thus reducing blood flow around the body. This results in erectile issues and damage to penis tissue. As sexual excitement, sexual arousal and libido are all heavily reliant on blood flow, smoking is a problem that actually reduces a man’s sexual desire and directly affects his performance.

Smoking has similar effects on women in that it reduces blood flow to the genital area. When a woman becomes sexually aroused, blood flows directly to the labia, clitoris and vagina. A woman who smokes will affect this blood flow and will typically experience reduced excitement or sensation. This problem is particularly evident in older women that have already reached their sexual peak and maturity.

Quitting tobacco and reducing alcohol intake are both quick and natural ways to increase sex drive. Restricting alcohol consumption to moderate levels can have a positive effect on overall health, including libido. Other steps such as regular exercise, eating healthy foods and weight loss can also help to boost libido


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