Thank you — LIVE CHAT

Thank you for joining my LIVE CHAT — IDIOT PROOF SEX TIPS.

Please feel free to provide me with any questions you’d like me to address on the air. No topic is taboo!

Look forward to seeing you Monday 9:00 p.m. EST.
(That’s 6:00pm PT, 7:00 pm MT, 8:00 pm CT)

To join us live, log in to:

click “Join as a Participant.”

If you can’t attend by computer or mobile device, you can listen by phone:       Call 650-479-3208 and use access code 732 594 303.


BTW no one but those that have signed up to attend the LIVE CHAT can see the questions posed ON THIS PAGE; thus, feel free to post your queries below and I’ll add them to our growing list. You can also ask that I cover a specific topic or ask questions of our guest. Look forward to seeing you Mondays.



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