Paige Matthews


Paige Matthews

Special Guest Paige Matthews

Our first LIVE CHAT of the year included our Special Guest author, Paige Matthews. Paige shared the reasons why she writes BDSM novels and the reach she does. She also answered the question on whether or not she’s in the D/s lifestyle. Paige also discussed her upcoming book series and her current works, Consume Me and Crossroads.

As our show is about LOVE & SEX and everything in between, we discussed various aspects of the BDSM lifestyle, why individuals embrace it and how to discuss it with your partner to help them embrace it as well.

We addressed the need for education within the vanilla community in regards to Dominance and submission and why BDSM WRITERS CON is so important is helping us achieve that goal. BDSM Writers Con is not just for authors it’s for readers as well.

We discussed the difference between a Dominatrix and a Domme (a female Dominant). NO, the two are not the same. We addressed the comfort of being a submissive and the need for a Dominant to take control of his own behaviors and make time for his/her submissive. We touched upon the fact that there are protocols and scene etiquette that needs to be observed and where to learn more about that. (Check out more books on protocol on my Books page where I’ve listed a few for you to choose from.)

Some of the questions highlighted in our discussion were:
How to prepare for anal sex and make it pleasurable.
How to get your partner to perform oral sex.
How to be a Dominant
How to educate the public about the BDSM.

Special prizes given away this show:
Paige is giving away a few of her books/ebooks. Visit her website to sign-up before time runs out.love_transparent_1

All our LIVE participants received a subscription to 365-Days of Love & Sex Tips.

We also have a 50% discount on all eCourses through January 10.


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