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Below are various articles and guest appearances on National and International shows in which Dr. Charley Ferrer is featured or interviewed as a Sex Expert. We have provided links when possible for your perusal. Articles shown start October 2013. For prior articles visit the Institute of Pleasure.


The Dr. Oz Show

Dr. Charley appears on the Dr. Oz Show.
Dr. Oz takes Doctor Charley through a guided meditation. Doctor Charley becomes one of his “Rocketts” dancing on the show with Dr. Oz discussing need to exercise for better health. Filmed December 11, 2013 and airs January 2014.


Dr. Charley Ferrer, America’s BDSM Expert provides advise on the world of Dominant and submission for  Matt Haber’s article Hush Hush No More.


Cosmopolitan Magazine:
Dr. Charley Ferrer provides Sex Pert advice and examples on how to be daring and adventurous with your partner in the article: So you’re curious about bondage by Molly Triffin



Why Alcohol Sucks for Sex

Men’s Fitness:  Dr. Charley Ferrer provides Sexpert advice on the perils of drinking and sex in the article:  Why alcohol sucks for sex! 
by Kristin Ambrosino



LFS RLT Infidelity.jpgStaten Island Advance Newspaper Dr. Charley Ferrer provides therapeutic and Sexpert advice on infidelity in this two part series: An adulterer reveals how she gets away with by Elise G. McIntosh


Men’s Fitness:  Dr. Charley Ferrer, America’s Intimacy & Sex Expert provides information on what to do during those awkward moments in sex.  Article:  Most Awkward Sex Moments by Kristin Ambrosino


 infidelity.jpgStaten Island Advance:                      Dr. Charley provides Sexpert advice on this two part series on rebuilding trust after infidelity: Experts weigh in: Challenges of rebuilding a marriage after an affair by Elise McIntosh


Marie Claire (UK):  Dr. Charley Ferrer, America’s BDSM Expert provides information on college students getting into the Dominance and submission lifestyle. Article: “How Campus Got Kinky”. Print edition October 2013 by Joanna Walters


NY Magazine:  Dr. Charley Ferrer provides ways to enhance your relationship and enjoy low cost outings with your partner in New York City for article written by Erica Schwiegershausen


Forum Magazine (UK):  Dr. Charley Ferrer, America’s BDSM Expert provides expert advice on the lifestyle of Dominance and submission.


Coming Soon:  CNN Featured Interview


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