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Dr  Charley Ferrer --Sexy

During this LIVE CHAT, Dr. Charley Ferrer response to caller’s questions and various topics on love, sex, relationships and life in general.

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Listen to what she has to say about the following topics:

How can you become a better lover?
Discover the various resources available for you, reading material, and ways to enhance your knowledge. The joys of creating your own Sensual Library and which books to consider adding to your collection.

Does Size really matter?
Learn the truth and what you can do if you fall short.

BDSM Writers Con
Dr. Charley discusses to benefits to attending this exclusive event for writers and readers being hosted August 21-24, 2014 in New York City. She also discusses the BDSM Book Contest and the book contracts being offered to the winners by publishers: Decadent Publishing, The Wild Ross Press, and Totally Bound.

How can you turn every day Valentine’s Day
Discover the secrets to take your love life from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY! Learn what the gives you give say about you and your lasting power; even with something as simple as plants –vs – flowers. Doctor Charley also provides tips on dating on a budget.

What do you do when sex gets boring?
Dr. Charley Ferrer discusses ways to address your feelings when sex becomes boring and routine. Looking at ways to reignite the fire and improve the intimacy of your relationship. Addressing low sexual desire and some of the ways to identify its causes and preventing it.

What’s so great about sex positions? 
Addressing sexual positions and what works best.

365-Days of Love & Sex Tips
Provides you with information on how to improve your self-confidence, your sex life, and your relationships. Receiving advice every day from America’s Sex Expert.

Anal penetration & vibrators
Dr. Charley Ferrer discusses the use of vibrators and butt plugs for anal penetration. Discusses the use of condoms and lubricate and how to avoid irritation from these.

How can I learn about submission?
Dr. Charley answers a calls question on how to learn how to be a submissive and where they can receive education. She provide information on home study courses as well as Mentorship programs available. Places to go to find comfort. The ability to attend workshops and BDSM Writers Con to learn more.

Where can I learn about Dominance and submission online?

Is Masturbation harmful?
A candid discussion on the benefits and dangers of masturbation. How to make it enjoyable and when it becomes detrimental.

Therapy—how long should it last?
What to look for in a therapist and when they’re helpful.

What’s the best position to get pregnant?
Dr. Charley addresses the best positions to get pregnant. She also discusses the connections between mind and body which affect your ability to become pregnant.

What Mentorship opportunities are available to learn about Dominance and submission and becoming a great lover?
Dr. Charley Ferrer discusses the various differ Mentorship opportunities available in person and on line for both writers and the general public.

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