Sharing Your Naughty Thoughts

Every man and woman has a fear of being picked last, of losing something they love, and most of all being rejected. Nowhere does rejection play a more significant role than in our love lives. Often women will deny themselves their true sexual desires and become unable to reach their orgasmic potential or derive intimate pleasure from their relationships because they fear being judged and subsequently rejected by their partner once they reveal their naughty thoughts. Ironically, men experience the same doubts and fears. And yet, it is these same fears which prevent the intimacy you desire most in your relationship. Instead of hiding who you are and those deliciously naughty desires you crave, share them with your partner. You might be surprised at his willingness to explore them with you. Here are a few hints on how to get started.

Once a week schedule a Naughty Delights discussion. This is where you take turns talking about your views on various sexual themes. For instance, how do you feel about Roleplaying? What character would you like to be if you were in a porno? Would you play the part of Little Red Riding Hood running away from the wolf or would you let him capture you and make him live up to his famous line about what those teeth of his are for? Perhaps you see yourself as the Amazon Princess who captured a male spy. Of course you will have to keep him bound until you extract all his secrets. You’d even have to explore how his body reacts to various forms of stimuli. I’m sure you can imagine a few things even now. After all, men are rare in your Amazon kingdom and you have to test your enemy’s stamina and endurance to prepare for future encounters.

Discussing what you’d like to do to your partner doesn’t prevent spontaneity; on the contrary, it actually increases it since it takes away the fear of possible rejection. Our minds are the most erotic parts of our body. Sharing fantasies is a wonderful way to increase desire. The anticipation alone will heighten your senses. Feel free to tweak the fantasy as you need it. Allow yourself to be adventurous. Giggling and teasing each other later about what you did is part of the fun. Don’t worry if it doesn’t go exactly as planned there’s always room for improvement next time. You’ll find yourself enjoying the second and third takes of a fantasy, just as a movie director enjoys shooting a scene from different angles. Plan a day when you’ll put your fantasy into practice or merely surprise each other. Don’t forget to ensure you have plenty of time uninterrupted time to allow you to enjoy it to the fullest. You’ll discover that having talked things out before hand will allow you to be more accepting, more spontaneous, and derive more pleasure from your little adventure.

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